Fondations privées

  • Fondation Sabancı

Sabanci Foundation scholarships are awarded so that successful students with financial difficulties can pursue a university education. Scholarships are not bound to any compulsory service or repayment obligation. Scholarships are monthly transferred to the recipient student’s bank account between October and June. Each year, a « University Admission Scholarship » is granted to those students with outstanding performances in that year’s National Undergraduate Placement Exam, along with the grants provided to « Graduates of High Schools in Provinces with a Priority in Development » and « Disabled Students » with outstanding performance in the same Examination. Additionally, since the start of the 2009-2010 academic year, the “Sabanci Foundation-Vista Scholarship” has been put into practice through the grants of the Vista Tourism and Travel Agency.

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  • Fondation Ford

A grant is a commitment by the foundation to make payments to an organization or an individual over a set period of time to further the work of one of our initiatives. The foundation gives the grantee autonomy over management of the funds, but all grantees must sign a letter agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of the grant. Grants administrators ensure that the grant-making process—from preparation of the grant recommendation to processing final reports—conforms to the foundation’s procedures and standards.

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  • Open Society Foundation (Fondation Soros)

The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people. We seek to strengthen the rule of law; respect for human rights, minorities, and a diversity of opinions; democratically elected governments; and a civil society that helps keep government power in check. We help to shape public policies that assure greater fairness in political, legal, and economic systems and safeguard fundamental rights. We implement initiatives to advance justice, education, public health, and independent media. We build alliances across borders and continents on issues such as corruption and freedom of information. Working in every part of the world, the Open Society Foundations place a high priority on protecting and improving the lives of people in marginalized communities. The Open Society Foundations award grants, scholarships, and fellowships throughout the year. Start with the form at left to explore our published grant opportunities and view eligibility requirements and application guidelines.

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  • Commission Fulbright

La Commission franco-américaine (CFA) contribue à développer les liens d’amitié et de coopération entre la France et les États-Unis par l’intermédiaire d’échanges éducatifs. Elle gère pour le compte du gouvernment américain et du gouvernment français un nombre significatif de programmes dont le très prestigieux programme de bourses Fulbright. Elle travaille étroitement avec d’autres partenaires privés pour accroître les possibilités de financement de la mobilité.

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