Essai : “Urban Age Istanbul” / ed. LSE Cities, 2009

“The Urban Age Istanbul Conference gathered over 400 people together to explore the vast and complex challenge of contemporary city making and the interconnected issues of the impact of the global economic condition on world cities, the effect of climate change on urban sustainability and the role of urban design in creating socially cohesive environments. Innovators of urban change, city mayors, scholars and authors side-by-side with architects and developers leading major urban regeneration projects around the globe offered presentations about urban transformations and policies, urban pasts and futures.Feature essays from local and international experts paired with extensive research on the social, economic and physical contours of Istanbul document and analyse the region’s major urban trends. Framing essays detail global mobilities, the green economy and hinge cities, while a detailed focus on Istanbul brings its urban growth into perspective with global trends to reframe how one of Europe’s largest and most dynamic cities is understood.”

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oui (2013, 20 février). Essai : “Urban Age Istanbul” / ed. LSE Cities, 2009. Observatoire Urbain d'Istanbul. Consulté le 24 juin 2024, à l’adresse

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