“Istanbul Living in Voluntary and Involuntary Exclusion” / Diwan, 2009


” Diwan is a collaborative research platform initiated and curated by Philipp Misselwitz and Can Altay which brings together leading academics, practitioners and experts from the field of architecture and urban studies in Turkey and the Middles East. Diwan aims to provoke a critical discourse on the current trends that are radically transforming cities in the region, focus- ing on voluntary and involuntary forms of urban exclusion and urban practices that confront, subvert and transgress a reality of growing spa- tial and social polarization. Through conducting new field work, collecting reflections, thoughts, ideas, and utopias, Diwan also hopes to act as a trigger and nucleus for a multitude of regional projects and collaborations—and ultimately provide a unique opportunity to generate links, networks, and collaborations in a region that

is geographically united with shared histories and numerous cultural traditions, which is also dealing with very similar challenges yet remains divided and fragmented.

Edited by Tansel Korkmaz, Eda Ünlü-Yücesoy with Yaşar Adanalı, Can Altay and Philipp Misselwitz.

Text contributions by Yaşar Adanalı, İmre Balanlı, Ayfer Bartu Candan, Kerem Çiftçioğlu, Tuzin Baycan Levent, Cihan Baysal, Ihsan Bilgin, Yves Cabannes, Haluk Gerçek, Aliye Ahu Gülümser, Cassidy Johnson, Hüseyin Kaptan, Biray Kolluoğlu, Ali Kural, Tuna Kuyucu, Latife Tekin, Wakui Tetsuo, Erdoğan Yıldız. Interviews: Text contributions include four interviews from Imre Balanlı’s documentary “Ekümenopolist” (2009).

Urban maps and case studies by Istanbul Research Group: Graduate Program in Architectural Design, Bilgi University Istanbul (Elif Simge Fettahoğlu, Korhan Kalaycıoğlu, Tuğçe Şık, Şebnem Şoher, Selin Uçman), supervised by Tansel Korkmaz and Eda Ünlü-Yücesoy. Forced-Eviction-Map, Key-Drivers-of-Urban-Transformation-Map and TOKI / KiptaŞ-map: Workshop participants (students from ETH Zurich, Mimar Sinan University, Yıldız Teknik University: Christo- pher Metz, Nadia Vitali, Sabine Schaub, Gisela Funk, Yeliz Er, Gözde Şarlak, Ekin Bozkurt, Şeyda Bülbül), organized by Yaşar Adanalı, Can Altay and Philipp Misselwitz, based on research by UN-AGFE mission to Istanbul (Cihan Baysal, Yves Cabannes, Arif Hasan).”

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oui (2013, 27 février). “Istanbul Living in Voluntary and Involuntary Exclusion” / Diwan, 2009. Observatoire Urbain d'Istanbul. Consulté le 21 mai 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/slwo

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